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Emily Cruz & Elisa Maloberti - EggPro™: Egg Products 101

Learn about shell eggs and egg products on the market with two leading experts.

EggPro™: Egg Products 101


This event was on Wednesday, June 24, 2020 at 11:00AM (PST)

Join Elisa Maloberti from the American Egg Board and Chef Emily Cruz from Culinex for an in-depth exploration and review of US shell eggs and egg products.

In addition to discussing the characteristics of shell eggs, a range of egg products including liquid eggs, dried eggs, and various value-added egg products will be reviewed. Bring your questions about how to use these various products and be prepared to learn a lot about the functionality and best practices for their use.

EggPro™ is made up of two online courses - Egg Foundations and Egg Functionality. Both courses are available for free through the end of 2020. Sign up today by visiting rouxbe.com/eggpro.

About Emily Cruz & Elisa Maloberti

Emily Cruz is the Director of Sales & Marketing at CuliNex, the industry’s premier consulting firm providing product development & strategic business services focused on clean label food products. CuliNex works with a diverse range of companies from international brands to small family owned businesses, assisting them in planning and executing their product development strategies across all food categories. Emily holds an Associate degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University.

Elisa Maloberti is the Director of Egg Product Marketing for the American Egg Board (AEB) where she has worked for more than 30 years. During her tenure at AEB, Elisa has become a noted expert in egg functionality and egg science. She regularly shares this knowledge at industry events, such as National Egg Products School, AIB International baking courses, USDA Foreign Agricultural Services training and food manufacturer workshops. Recently, she was a co-collaborator in the development and the voice of the EggPro® Functionality Course, an online further education module for food product developers, powered by Rouxbe Food Group. Elisa has a B.S. degree in food science and nutrition from Dominican University in River Forest, IL. She is responsible for AEB’s egg product marketing program, which includes educational programs, research, and advertising and promotions targeting food manufacturers.